Hi, I’m Lisa G.

Founder & Coach at The Business Chick

It’s my privilege and passion to help business owners find that balance that makes a profitable, healthy business. The truth is, most small businesses do some things really great, but have some big gaps in their operation that waste money and time. We work with individuals and businesses who want a fresh perspective on where they’re going and how they’re going to get there.

Some of my wonderful clients

I’ve combined 25 years of business experience in management, fitness, sport, sales and marketing that I bring to your business.

As an elite athlete in my earlier years, I understand the commitment that it takes and the mindset we can develop to achieve. The strategies and techniques that were once a secret of the elite sportsmen are now being applied to corporate sales, business mindset and personal success. Allow me to unleash those strategies on your goals!

As the mum of a busy household of sportsmen, I also recognise the constant tug-of-war that we all struggle with when trying to keep our lives and family in balance. Like any team, it takes deliberate action to build a strong unit. Together, we can create a clear direction, goals, and measurable results for the business that you really want.

You can’t do it all. When you need a specialist advisor, we have expert associates in every field of business to support you, who we work with and trust. This includes HR, bookkeeping, accountancy, OH&S, legal compliance, employment law, marketing – whatever you need, we’ll help you find the solutions.



Leaders aren’t born great leaders. It takes training and practice to become a great communicator and understand your team for better performance and bigger results.


EDISC is a worldwide assessment tool used to help people understand the strengths and gaps in their own communication style and to understand others behaviours.


Certified in Neurolinguistic Programming, we help you identify and implement new programs for bigger results.


Facilitating groups of people takes a range of skills depending on the audience. We love the challenge of bringing people together and connecting them with trainings, workshops and meetings.


Certified in Conscious Hypnosis, we can help you break through those old roadblocks and put new strategies in place that serve you and your business better.


A diploma of Coach Mastery and years of experience means we don’t just tell you what to do. We coach you through the process to grow your confidence and make the right decision.


Certified in Matrix Therapies, we can help you break through those old roadblocks and put new strategies in place that serve you and your business better.


We don’t expect your team to pick up the ball and start playing without solid training and support. Every dollar you spend on training should show a return in it’s investment.

Working with clients

What clients say about Lisa

  • "Increased human resources and expanding client base meant that we needed some guidance and strategies around how to focus our team towards shared goals and outcomes for our quickly growing business and meet the changing demands of our corporate clients. At first, I was a bit sceptical. We weren't sure if this type of development would have a lasting impression on our tradesmen. Lisa had a plan that made practical sense to our company team. The team-centric program and consistent support gave our staff the will to be invested in the direction of the company and a shift in attitudes. Maintrade’s team leaders have new confidence in the way they work and greater respect has developed between departments."
    Chris Jefferson
  • "Lisa was wonderful at giving me the nudges I needed in business and in life! She led me to reassess my core values and priorities and to understand what I needed to do to feel as though I am progressing in the right direction. Sometimes it’s the small things that matter (which are forgotten) but can add up to make the most impact on a day to day. I sought out Lisa at a time when I felt I was not really achieving what I wanted to achieve. This was leaving me feeling drained and burnt out. In actuality, I was achieving and I was progressing but I didn’t have a system in place to recognize or measure these things. In quantitative terms since working with Lisa I am working with clients adding to over $1040,000 in the pipeline which is an 80% increase from the same period last year."
    Sharon Taylor
  • "I’ve been working in my business for 10 years and it finally dawned on me that I was working long hours for something that just wasn’t growing. I was frustrated. I didn’t realize how much I actually needed someone to bounce ideas off… until I started working with Lisa. It was like having a business partner who listened to what was going on, helped me sort through the frustrations and find the real problems at the bottom of the pile. I can talk about things with other tradies and friends that I know, but I found that the answers they had didn’t really help me to put tools and ideas into action. My coach, Lisa, helped me find tools and strategies that were the right fit for the way I want to work. We’re now moving towards streamlined procedures for a higher profit margin and employing more hands for growth. If you’re working on your own in any trade, Innoviant is a great support. You can’t do it all on your own."
    Rhys Baldock
  • "An unbelievably genuine person who assisted my business partner and I beyond expectations. Her years of expertise made our coaching experience extremely efficient and productive, and we now have solid systems in place for growth. An absolute superstar!"
    Michael McCullen
    and more client feedback
    • "I wasn’t sure what Lisa could do for us because we already had all the usual business systems covered. But now we have very clear direction and tools to engage our old systems more effectively. In the first 6 weeks I’ve seen a different attitude in our staff and that’s converting to more happy customers and less worry for me."
      Samantha Jackson
    • "On the surface everything was going fine. But we wanted to alleviate the burden and pressure on management – us! After only one meeting with Lisa, the possibilities became clear to us. With a fresh strategy and support from Lisa, we set about building more confident decision-makers in our team; undertaking leadership coaching for management to finally give up micromanaging; and monthly team leaders training to continue the momentum and support. Now the pressure has lifted and we have manageable actions to keep on track. It’s left us more room for the next growth stage of the company which 12 months ago looked impossible to manage."
      Josie Ludwig
    • "…it became quickly apparent that the environment needed work in relation to professionalism, team values and leadership. Lisa was fantastic in building a plan to engage the players and drive their ownership as a group in setting the values and actions for the group moving into the 2016 season. Presenting to the group on a number of occasions including the pre-season camp, Lisa was able to provide an environment that players felt comfortable in expressing their honest opinions and feelings when developing our clubs set of core values. Lisa continues to work with our leadership group throughout the course of the season helping them to grow personally and as a group to ensure the environment at Avondale Heights Football Club is a positive and inclusive one that promotes improvement and high performance amongst all."
      Daniel Archer
    • "I have witnessed Lisa conduct sessions around team building, team disciplines and building team values etc. I found Lisa to be extremely professional in her approach, whilst having the knack of enabling a large and diverse group of young men to buy in to developing core values, and strategies for the group with which they can move forward in a positive fashion. I have been in many of these types of sessions over 40 years in the building and sporting industry, and rate Lisa extremely highly in her approach and delivery. I would highly recommend Lisa to any company or organisation considering using Lisa's services"
      Roy Fishenden

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