The 4 Steps To Taking Decisive Action

The 4 Steps To Taking Decisive Action

Published on 07 June 2021
Written by Lisa Guglielmino

Have you ever been so afraid of making a decision that you just don’t make a decision at all?

All of us have this little conversation going on with ourselves all day long, and for some of us that conversation is so analytical, critical and protective that any time you have to make a decision about something, you end up over analysing and going around in circles until you just make a decision to NOT make a decision. It’s all too hard.

Patterns of behaviour that you repeat are called habits, that’s all,
You have a habit of talking yourself out of making decisions.
Why? – that’s a whole coaching session right there,
but here’s a tip to help you start making decisions with confidence
– on the spot –

Ask yourself…
1. What are you scared of…
2. What’s the worst thing that could happen if you choose the wrong option here?
3. Assess the options once only
4. Decide

If that argumentative conversation starts up again to stop you…. Ask again…
What are you scared of?
And actually listen for your answer.

Habits can be broken and replaced with more resourceful behaviours.
But it takes persistence, it takes repetition, to build a new way of responding when you are in this moment.
And when you finally find yourself free of that overthinking analysis…..

Wow… imagine the possibilities.

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