Stop Micromanaging

Stop Micromanaging

Published on 29 January 2021
Written by Lisa Guglielmino

I know! Sometimes it’s just faster and easier to do it yourself.

Often you don’t have the confidence in your team to just let them ‘Go For It”. After all, it’s probably going to slow things down…

And what if they make a mistake?

But in reality, even though it’s difficult for you…

when you step back and let things go from your control in a measured and prepared way, you open the door to new opportunities for your people.

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I’ve worked with many clients who were really struggling with a team who just weren’t stepping up to the challenge. They were coming to the leader constantly asking for help, searching for approval and not confident to make a decision for themselves. This was over loading the leader, adding so much more to the to-do-list.

Do you sometimes wonder… “why do I even have staff when I seem to do it all myself?”


Once that leader finally had the tools to let go and give their team confidence and independence to make the decisions themselves, everything started to flow.

The Leaders to-do-list started to decrease,

The team were taking ownership of their decisions and workload,

And everyone was happier too. You could actually feel the difference in the office.

The key here and in many cases like this is…

You are usually so used to running your business your way that it’s really difficult to trust others to do it as well as you.

While you’re nervously holding on tightly to all the strings in your business and looking over shoulders…

You don’t realise that you’re creating a team who don’t feel a need to step up, in fact, they may now be doubting their own ability too.

How do you stop this habit of Micromanaging?

Take it one step at a time. It needs to be measured for your sake and everyone elses.
Here’s a few tips to get started:

1. Next time someone asks you a question or for direction…

Answer with a question first eg. What do you think we should do? How would you do it?

Ask for their point of view to get them thinking rather than you swooping in to save the day straight away.

2.Look at your to-do-list and ask yourself…

What 3 things could I delegate to someone else in my team?

And then hand it over, right now.

Give it a go! I know it’s hard breaking old habits. But we also know that if you want to grow your business, you can’t do it all yourself…

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