It’s Time To Preload Your Teams Potential

It’s Time To Preload Your Teams Potential

Published on 27 July 2021
Written by Lisa Guglielmino

It’s a changing world and business is always at the forefront of that change. But change is uncomfortable for most of us.

And it can be downright scary for some.

Now that it’s the middle of winter, you may notice that people start to get comfortable and snuggle up on the lounge with their hot chocolate. And that same mindset can start to creep into their daily grind as well.

So are you going to sit back and drink a cup of hot chocolate?

Or are you going to use this time to get a head start on your next milestone, your next challenge…

or maybe strengthen the foundations for your teams potential.

Use your winter months wisely to solidify the foundations of your relationships and recalibrate the trust, intent, and professional integrity of your people.


you and your team will be ready to deliver when the pressure is really on in a few months time.

We’ve all seen it happen. When the pressure hits, it’s a sink or swim response. Because nobody is prepared!

A top footy coach would NEVER throw his team on the field against Geelong without a thorough pre-season. It takes time to warm up that commitment muscle and break in those high performing biceps.

Ok. So how are you going to prepare your people for the coming months?

1. Reassess where you’re heading

2. Get super clear about where the gaps are in your teams professional performance.

3. Create a plan of action

4. Build a belief system around you & your people that will actually support you in your challenges.

We have a library of workshops and coaching programs this winter that are designed to flex with your people and their needs.

If you’re thinking…

“How do we take our people to the next level?”

“What’s the next step to prepare our key people for change?”

“We need to make a change?”

Then you already know I’m speaking your language.

Let’s talk about your options and make a move to lift your business performance up a notch.

Contact me right now for a chat I’d love to hear from you.

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